Service Rates


Diagnostics $79 to $99    ( Windows desktop / tower)
$79 to $129    (Windows Laptop)
$109 to $149  (Mac Computer / Laptop)
Windows / Drivers Installation
(Windows license key required)
$109  ( including Windows installation, setup, activation, updates  as well as drivers installation)
Virus / Malware Removal $109 to $159
Email Set-up / Export & Import $59/account; discount available on additional accounts
Software Installation $29 each (software provided by customer)
Hardware Installation $29 and up/ item, including drivers
System assembly and testing $69 and up depending on system configuration
Data Backup/Transfer $79 to 129 ( for Windows computer)
$129 to $159 ( for Mac computer)
Data Recovery $150 to $399 (special tools needed to retrieve data)
depending on drive capacity
Laptop Screen Replacement $199-$259  including a regular new 14.1’’ or 15.6’’ LED screen
iPhone / iPad Screen Replacement $99 and up depending on device type / Model / Version
Laptop Keyboard Replacement $99 to $139 including a new compatible keyboard


Notes: 1. Free application programs can be installed upon customer’s request.
           2. Customer needs to provide product key for licensed software.
           3. We are not liable for any data loss due to any uncontrollable or technical reasons. Recommend
               customers back up data before having the computer serviced.
           4. Please talk to our staff for other services.