About us


      We have been a leading supplier of computers, computer parts and related accessories in the greater Ottawa region for over 2 decades. In addition to building customized systems, we stock a wide variety of products and are specialized in hard-to-find parts. In terms of service, we troubleshoot, repair, upgrade and maintain computers of all makes. Over the last decade we have established ourselves as being fair, knowledgeable,  honest, helpful, efficient and trustworthy in both sales and service areas. We welcome you to our website and hope you  visit us  again in the future.                                    

We also offer internet / computer access, scan, print and fax services.

Call 613-592-8700 for details.

Why buy computers from us?
        We build computers using major brand, high-quality components, which means your computer is more durable and reliable. These components also have longer warranty than those from big box stores.
        We offer both telephone and walk-in tech support, quick and fast, which means you can talk to a real person and get the right answer right away. We fix your computer right here in the store and you can get it back within 24 to 48 hours. In some cases, we can do the service while you are waiting.
        We build computers with customer’s present and future needs in mind, which means you don’t  waste money for something you don’t need; but if you do need more power later on, our computer has the capability to upgrade, e.g. add more ram, upgrade video card, add other I/O cards of your choice or add a bigger capacity hard drive, etc.
       We provide you with an original / genuine Windows Disc if you purchase your computer with Windows, which means you are able to reinstall the OS when needed in the future.
       We are knowledgeable and professional, we know what we are doing. We are honest and straightforward, there is no cheating here, there are no traps here.
       We value our customers. We always try our best to be helpful when help is needed.
       There may be many more reasons… Come and experience for yourself. We hope you will become one of our many customers who “only buy computers from Fedacom Computers”.

Thank You!

Note: All prices in our website are subject to HST.